Sandhyaa S Shetty 

fine Art

​​About the Artist

Sandhyaa Shetty currently works from her studio in Austin,Tx . She started drawing at a very early age under the guidance of her father who is an illustrator and a painter. She believes that he is her guiding force and she thanks him for everything she is today.  

She received her BFA degree from the College Of Fine Arts, Bangalore, India and she worked for advertising agencies for few years. She even taught Advertising at the Indian Institute of Fine Arts, Bangalore. Throughout she continued to paint and exhibit her works in Bangalore. 

Her earlier works reflected the beauty of rural India. She still misses her times spent at her grandparents farm every summer. Her representational landscape paintings are evocative and serene making the viewers come back to again and again. Paintings depicting sunsets have always been her favorite subject. It is not only her interaction with the natural beauty surrounding her but also her own spiritual connection with the world that inspires her as a painter. She has an immense regard for the rapidly disappearing natural landscape.She intends to freeze it on her canvas and hopes that this pristine beauty is preserved forever. She feels mightily blessed to be doing what she loves to do the most and hopes to continue this till her end.

Sandhyaa is a Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, an Associate Member of  the Oil Painters Of America, Women Artists Of The West,  Austin Visual Arts Association,  American Impressionist Society and the Plein Air Painters of Austin. 

Selected Honors/Awards

2017 American Impressionist Society 18th Annual National Juried Exhibition (FASO Award of Excellence)
2016 Gallery At RoundTop Salon International Show (Awarded 2nd Place)
2013  Women Artists Of the West 43rd National Show (''Art Of The West" publishers choice award)
2013 National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society ( Awarded Signature membership)
2012  National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society 22nd National Juried Show  ( Janet Ross Memorial Award for the Most Realistic Landscape)  ​
2010  Oil Painters Of America  19th National Juried Show ( Honorable Mention Landscape) 

Selected Shows and Exhibitions

2017 National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best Of America Show' 27th National Juried Show,Indiana
2017 American Impressionist Society-18th Annual National Exhibition at Montgomery-Lee Fine Art,Park City,Utah
2017 Breckenridge Fine Art Center 26th Annual Juried Exhibition, Breckenridge, Tx
2017 American Impressionist Society-Small Works Show at Randy Higbee Gallery,California

2016 Women Artists Of The West (WAOW) - 46th National Juried Exhibition
2016 RoundTop Gallery Salon Exhibition At the Gallery At RoundTop, Texas
2016 The Visual Arts Center's 10th Biennial National Juried Exhibition,Florida

2015 Debra Huse Holiday Treasures Salon 2015
2015 Randy Higbee 6" Squared Fall Show
Women Artists Of The West (WAOW)- ​45th National Juried Exhibition 
2015 National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best of America' 25th National Exhibition

2014 American Impressionist Society- 15th Annual Juried Show
2014 Austin Visual Arts Association-10 Annual 12BUY12, 10th Annual Juried Show
2014 Randy Higbee 5th Annual 6" Squared Juried Show
2014 SouthWind Art Gallery-Best Holiday Miniature Show
2014 National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best of America' 24th National Exhibition
2014 Austin Visual Arts Association- 37th Annual Juried Members Show
2014 ​Women Artists Of The West (WAOW)- ​44th National Exhibition
2014 Greenhouse Gallery Salon International

2013 Oil Painters of America (OPA)-1st Juried Salon of Traditional Oils
2013 Oil Painters of America (OPA) Western Regional Show
2013 National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best Of America' 23rd National Exhibition
2013 Women Artist Of The West - 43rd National Exhibition
2013 Segil Fine Art's Summer Show "H20, Ebb and Flow"
2013  Breckenridge Fine Art Center 22nd Annual Juried Show
2013 Austin Visual Arts Association- 36th Annual Juried Members Show
2013 Randy Higbee 6" Squared Fall Juried Show

2012 Austin Visual Arts Association- 35th Annual Juried Members Show 
2012 Oil Painters of America (OPA) 21st National Juried Show
​2012 National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best of America' 22nd National Exhibition
2012 Austin Visual Arts Association  12Buy12 8th Annual Juried Fall Show 
2012 AVAA "For The Love of Art" 7th Annual Juried Show
2012 Randy Higbee 6" Squared Fall Juried Show
2012 Legacy Gallery- 2nd Salon Annual Exhibition

2011 Oil Painters of America (OPA)-20th National Juried Show 
2011 National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society- 'Best of America' 21st National Exhibition
2011 Segil Fine Arts California Fall Show 
2011 Randy Higbee 6" Squared Juried Show
2011 AVAA 12Buy12- 7th Annual Juried Show
2011  Austin Visual Arts Association Juried Fall show
2011 Bucking the Texas Myth -Juried Show
2011 "Tell Us A Story" Segil Fine Arts Juried Show 
2011  Austin Visual Arts Association- 34th Annual Juried Show
2011 Randy Higbee  6" Squared Spring Juried Show
2011  "Art Beats" Austin ArtSpace Gallery
2011 "For The Love Of Art"- AVAA 6th Annual Juried Show

2010 Oil Painters Of America(OPA)- 19th National Juried Show
2010 AVAA 12Buy12-6th Annual Juried Show
2010  National Art Encounter" The Van Liebig Art Center Juried show,Florida
2010- Austin Visual Art Association- 33rd Annual Juried Show
2010-"Eyes of the World"- Landscape Group Show, NewYork

​2009-Austin Visual Arts Association- 32nd Annual Juried Show